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Does anyone know how to do a liquidating distribution for a C Corp?

I have a client who sold his 'asset's and I sold them via the C Corp wtih profit flowing through on 1120 this year.

Then dist to extent of RE is dividend income - assume it would be qualified so subject to cap gains rate.For the most part, this form of distribution is made from the company's capital base.As a return of capital, this distribution is typically not taxable for shareholders.Keep Reading The impostors, impersonators and general all-around bad guys are at it again. Keep Reading In September 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed personal information of 147 million people. Keep Reading The IRS recently released Notice 2019-45 which expands the list of preventive care allowed with health savings accounts (HSAs).According to the IRS, notifications to [email protected] up substantially on unsolicited emails, claiming to be from the IRS. This notice focuses on treatment and testing for individuals diagnosed with certain chronic conditions, making care and prevention more affordable to taxpayers with high deductible health care plans.

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