Lightworker dating

As life stretches you to your limits, you are aware of the process and have given the experience 100% permission to work through you for the purpose of the greater good. When I experienced 5 miscarriages in a year I was forced to face uncertainty time and time again.

Remember: Lightworkers understand that nothing you experience happens without your permission and they know how to protect their energy. For weeks upon weeks I didn't know whether or not my baby's heartbeat would still keep beating, but it made me be so much more present with the whole process of being okay no matter what the outcome would be.

Lightworkers know that different beings dwell at different energetic frequencies.

These energies can be tapped into (through meditation etc) and used as a powerful resource to get help and assist people through the uncertainty of life.

I like classy wine/ cocktail bars and restaurants if i go out.Here are 7 Signs You're A True Lightworker I was at the beach today and met a couple with a newborn baby.They were complaining about the child and I gently reminded them that life passes very quickly and they should appreciate every moment. I'm some random, pain the butt lady that should keep my mouth shut OR…I'm sending them a message they can pick up and work with.Im new here on the site and generally I am not a social network person..I like to meet people face to face so that you can really tell if there is something going.

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