Lauren conrad dating brody jenner

followed the drama of the couple's 'relationship' each week as Brody's wandering eye broke poor L. Now, we understood that certain parts of the show were probably exaggerated but Jenner has turned our worlds upside down by claiming that he and Lauren WERE NEVER EVEN A COUPLE!In a new interview with , Jenner said that their scenes were "scripted" and he was never in a romantic relationship with the fashion designer.Spencer Pratt was particularly upset about not being invited to his buddy’s wedding, which led to a spat between them on the New Beginnings premiere.Brody, though, defended himself saying that he and Spencer had drifted apart over the years.Kaitlynn never imagined she’d be doing reality TV one day.

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They would return to the resort with their family and friends in 2018 to tie the knot.

Kaitlynn now lives in Malibu, California and stars on The Hills: New Beginnings.

Also Read: Corey Bohan Wiki, Audrina Patridge’s Ex-Husband Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter celebrated five years together in October 2018.

"Lauren’s a dear friend of mine, and it was pretty funny to have to live that reality," he said. We’d film a scene of us kissing or being in this lovey-dovey scene, and then right after it would be like, 'Cut', and we’d be like, 'Great to see you', and we’d go our separate ways." "I didn’t have sex with Jen Bunney. I didn’t hook up with any of these girls," he said.

"And then you get all these people saying, "Oh, Brody’s a male wh**e.

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