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Anyway i'm here impatiently waiting for season 3... I don't understand why Miju and Sihwan must be the collateral damage of some pervert student (but I'm glad he's dead, that crazy bastard). The drama also had no comparison out there, and it makes me happy.

By the way, i knew who was Secretary Kim the first time i saw him/her (i don't want to spoil) It was not Mi joo’s house but the boyfriends study room that the criminal broke into and set up the boyfriend. I wish if there will be a season 3, the writer will keep the cast (including Min Sungwook and Dong Ha, obviously) and the editors could do better job with cutting the scenes. I enjoyed this drama so action, investigation and comedy..i'm hooked.please please please have season 3..i hope they maintain mr gye, officer woo, mr hwang and kyung mi character too..they're so funny and make the storyline more interesting...

The only twist is Hyun Soo’s clones and the spy from chief Kim in the police station. Clearly they were eliminated for helping or to take the blame for someone else? Why would the “smart” kid know all about how the older brother professor knew Chief kim yet not be able to get Chief kim himself? Why did the noona have so many surgeries to change. Kyung Mi joining the police force was a great idea to include her more in the series. The ending was rushed and I didn't like the odd direction they took with Inspector Woo's character whenever he was trying to solve something.

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I am hoping like, I'm sure, most of his fans world wide that he will be doing a Queen of Mystery 3. Imma really getting addicted to Kwon Sang Woo~idk why maybe bcz of his Hair?? Obviously its a must~if not,i won't be addicted to you ?? Kwon Sang Woo is my favorite koresn actor, he is sexy like a man and charming like a baby. : D Hoping to see you personally.:) Well,good luck in your career. I like him since I watch My Tutor Friend, and so I'm looking forward to Once Upon A Time in High School since Han Ga In is there too XD I enjoyed his fighting scenes there, haha so forgeous ^^ Love So Divine was also hilarious, his acting is the best! I discover you in Bad Love I was really impress by your performance, that's why I keep on seeing the series.

Plus, Lee Da Hee should be noticed for her performance and beauty, not because she appeared on RM or being paired with the loser LKS! Glad the other detective detective Ha went to school with stayed good. I’m hoping the bad detective was just pretending to be cooperative. Both Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Kang Hee did wonderful jobs once again!

You fanboys and fangirls please consider your opinions on compliments or judges. Although this season wasn't as great as the first, I don't mind watching a season 3!

I hope there are because the secretary kim is still free and i want to know what wan seung’s brother did that the pervert or murderer threat him so much..

I hope next season wil be at the same station because i really like the all character there!!

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