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He also has mixed feelings when he learns that Heather is dating Ryan, who is lavishing fatherly affection on Mikey.

Mike takes care of his ailing father, while Grizz's growing attraction to Beth, coupled with what he sees as the bishop's lack of confidence and support, prompts him to consider leaving the priesthood.

Mike tries to help a teenage prostitute escape the clutches of her pimp, and when Liz is reluctant to help, Jamie tries to convince her otherwise.

Marcellus strikes a deal with a loan shark to arrest his competition in return for Cal's release from his crew.

An assassin with a grudge against Mike returns to Philadelphia and takes Mike Jnr hostage.

In exchange for the boy, he wants the ex-cop to locate his next target - a Russian mob boss who's gone into hiding.

Mike realises the importance of spending more time with his son in the wake of the divorce, while Grizz is surprised by the reappearance of an old flame and Marcellus gets a golden opportunity to put his corrupt behaviour behind him.

Heather asks Mike to investigate when a doctor attempts to cover up an error which caused a patient's death and the hospital refuses to take disciplinary action.

The final four episodes of the first season never aired on ITV3, as the network allowed the broadcast rights to lapse before they were shown; however, both seasons later aired in their entirety on CBS Drama and CBS Action, beginning with the first season on February 10, 2015. The series also in Australia on Network Ten and in France on M6.

In the United States, the series re-run on Crime & Investigation, AXS TV, Universal TV and Get TV.

On Get TV, episodes aired at pm weekdays from April 24, 2017.

The couple begin an illicit affair, but when the former cop decides it has to end, someone takes a shot at him.

Mike tries to help a Department of Justice employee whose sister has been kidnapped by a hitman seeking information about a banker in the witness protection programme, who is a key part of the prosecution's case against a money-laundering drug dealer.

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