Kimora lee dating birdman

The details as to why Simmons was removed as creative director have not been clear; some blog sites claimed it was because Simmons was spending too much money on company pursuits and giving too much pay to herself and her children.

After the split, Simmons planned to launch her KLS collection and Kouture by Kimora Brands.

So, Andre Leon Talley, Kimora Lee Simmons and Ty Ty will all be sitting together…the same room…a row. The fire department better be on hand at all times just in case these three bump heads.

If they do, there will be an explosion of epic proportions and Nigel’s sexy ass will find himself trapped in a pile of weaves, paper fans, tarantula lashes and Spanx.

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The girls I saw weren’t wearing Kimora Lee Simmons’ Baby Phat tracksuits with the iconic cat logo, they were rocking an off brand from JCPenney, because them shits was expensive.

Financial heavyweight Tim Leissner has apparently tied the knot with the beautiful Kimora Lee Simmons.

Check out the facts on the secret nuptials as well as all about Leissner and his relationship with Simmons. News has confirmed the news that Leissner and Simmons have indeed tied the knot. While the couple hasn’t been shy about sporting their wedding rings, they have been silent on any wedding details or nuptial news.

In order to shoot down rumors that KLS was dating rapper Birdman, Kimora’s ex-husband Russell Simmons came to her rescue via Twitter.

While definitely his former flame-turned close friend, he let the cat out of the bag and announced her marriage to Tim Dijimon Hounsou. News, Leissner works at a senior level position for Goldman Sachs, so he can definitely keep up with Simmons’ luxurious lifestyle.

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