Kay guitar dating

If you look at the headstock, it looks like that, at some point, the pegs snapped off and a professional luthier repaired it. Plays like a single coil Kay until the next owner has the neck pickup rewound. It seems to be in just the right spot that produces a very well balanced tone from nice thick highs that cut but are still warm and round.

New York State residents and all store pickups pay NYState sales tax. The last time I played it, the volume pot for the neck pickup was a bit scratchy- nothing a little Deoxit wouldn't fix I'm sure. Excellent condition with some signs of honest cosmetic wear.

Terms and Conditions: Domestic Shipping via USPS Parcel Select is Free. People, this guitar is dialed in and ready to play every night. Like, I always dug the looks, the cool designs, and the sounds.

All e Bay questions are answered Monday through Friday during our normal business hours am- pm PST. To get a re-fret done is usually an expensive proposition, always over 0.

You can get an idea of the versatility of this pickup in the video I found- go on youtube, type in Kay Vanguard, there are a few it can do MUCH more. Up for auction is a Vintage 1960's Kay Vanguard Electric guitar with original case. The original pickup has been replaced with a generic P-90.

A non-paying item form will be started and the item will be re-listed. INSURANCE& TRACKING FEES: Buyer pays for Handling cost. Please remember Parcel post can be very slow but less expensive. This is to avoid any issues with people potentially abusing the return policy service that we offer. The guitar itself has a few nicks here and there as you might expect. It really looks like it hasn't even been played- and comes with the original case. That said, it's not a case you would have used anyway- it's the old paper-based case that was sold when the guitar was bought(most likely) at Sears or Woolworths. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONESuper nice Made in USA 1962 Kay Vanguard with original electronics and case Neck is fantastic. I could get a pickguard for the single coil version of the Vanguard. But I really think these should be kept as original as possible because of future value. They are valuable and going up in price with every passing year. Fair price for a very playable 1962 Vintage Original 1960's Kay Tru e Tone Van Gu ard. Buyers can call the store directly upon winning in order to use their card. We must ship to the billing address of the credit card and this will be confirmed with the credit card company. As is to be expected, the case isn't as clean as the guitar- it has some scuffs and damage to one edge. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, and Happy Bidding! I'm selling it because I have too many other projects at the moment and need this one to go. It is nice and straight and plays with a fantastic. It is especially low for one of these, this one seems to play a little better than most Van Guard's we have come across. And a low end that stays nice and crisp and won't get too muddy.

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