Juniper research online dating

Hicky thus aspires to provide a fresh alternative to conventional closed-network dating sites that use complicated algorithms which leave little leeway for users to tweak.

All refreshments will be served in the exhibit space during networking breaks.

Several apps that turn to the cutting-edge technology for powering their infrastructure hope to come up with a more reliable way of verifying user accounts – thus avoiding fakes or cases of people abusing the platform – as well as a more secure way to store their clients’ sensitive personal data.

Both of these aspects are crucial to the experience that people on online dating sites are looking for – and blockchain could help revolutionize that.

Blockchain Used to Incentivize Online Dating Community But whatever the future holds for Bitcoin per se, it seems that blockchain technology is here to stay.

Deloitte has already announced its prediction that 10% of the world’s GDP would be generated by blockchain applications and another a 2017 survey by Juniper Research claims that in the next 18 months several companies will integrate blockchain applications into their business lifecycle.

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