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Tell them to continue living knowing that I was not afraid.”In 1972, Raya emigrated to Israel, which is where I came to know her.

She had taken her mother’s words to heart and had the steady gaze of a woman who feared nothing because she had seen the worst.

Many Jews were imprisoned for political reasons, because of anti-Semitism, or because of their connections to radical or Zionist organizations (including this writer’s own great grandfather, who was imprisoned in Russia because he was a Zionist and escaped to mandatory Palestine in 1927).

And even in the prisons of mandatory Palestine, communists and revisionists used hunger strikes as part of their political battles.

After three straight days of methodical slaughter, 2,749 Jews — mostly women and children — had perished.

When the Soviets took over in 1940 she was living in Riga, the capital, studying and acting and being wooed by a journalist and playwright named Grisha, her future husband.

The Zionist movement was smaller, in contrast to the Communists, who exerted influence throughout all of Iraq and included all faiths.

The Iraqi government brutally repressed both movements.

Gauland may want to celebrate “1,000 years of successful German history,” but all the glories of Goethe or Beethoven crumble to nothingness next to what happened on that beach. She and Grisha had barely escaped Riga under heavy German fire.

They wound up in Samarkand, in what is now Uzbekistan, where he enlisted in the Red Army and was badly wounded in action.

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