Is post dating checks illegal in arizona

While there are differences among the states as to how bad checks are viewed (whether a misdemeanor or a felony) and the remedies available to holders of the bad check against the drawer, there are several general factors that run through the majority of state laws: In all states the maker of a check, who tenders a check knowing there is insufficient funds or credit behind the check may be guilty of a crime and may be subject to civil penalties.In the majority of states the crime is treated as a misdemeanor.

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Because post-dated checks are a promise to pay in the future, they are not technically viewed as checks.The intent to defraud and knowledge of insufficient funds is required to be present by most states' bad check laws. It is not necessary for the payee to have actually been defrauded.In most states statutory provisions provide that it is prima facie evidence of insufficient funds (or of intent to defraud) if: (a) the check was not paid by the drawee (bank) on presentation for payment and (b) the drawer did not pay the check within a specified number of days after written notice to the drawer of dishonor of the check.Say you're running a little short of cash before payday.Although it may seem like a good idea to post-date a check in hopes of having money in the bank to cover it by the time it's presented for payment, think again.

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