Is hilary swank dating anyone

"I wanted something romantic that felt as timeless as the redwood grove where we were to be married, and he delivered—designing something that far surpassed my greatest expectations.It was everything I imagined and more," she Mariska Hargitay and Schneider's best man who also happened to be his father.After that she came back to her beach cottage and, unable to decide whether to make blueberry pancakes or eggs with rosemary and thyme for our breakfast, made both, meticulously dropping greenmarket blueberries one by one into perfectly formed pancakes.Then she ate everything on her plate with visible delight, concentrating intently on each morsel.This is a lot of change in a short period of time, but you’d never know it from the way Swank is acting.

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—and her marriage to Chad Lowe over, Hilary Swank is alternately brimming with joy and fighting tears as she faces the remake of her life.

She’s just hauled 10 bags of trash out of the house and another 20 bags of stuff to Goodwill.

Her whole life is being dismantled before our very eyes—not to mention the tangible remnants of the relationship that has defined her entire adulthood.“It’s a roller coaster right now,” Swank admits. There’s no guidebook for this; there are no Cliffs Notes. It’s just weird; one minute I’m frustrated, the next minute I’m angry, the next minute I’m sad, the next minute I’m scared.

After that she’ll go to New York to clear out the Greenwich Village brownstone where she and her husband used to live.

The 4,000-square-foot town house is on the market for .25 million, and when it sells, Swank will be officially homeless.

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