Is daniel henney dating anyone

But this became the reason for his rough childhood as a result of being born in the era when racism was at its height.

He was abused for his Asian looks during early school years.

Their relationship didn’t work out and got separated.

He was also spotted dating Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, singer, comedienne, and food writer. It was also rumored at media that Henney was linked to Xun Zhou, a Chinese singer and actress followed by South Korean actress and singer Sooyoung, with an American songwriter, fashion designer, and actress Jessica Jung, and with Lee Na Young, a South Korean actress.

However, the fame had made an early call to American born- Korean featured actor/model Daniel Henney. His sharp facial features and hunky built is enough to make millions of ladies want to become his girlfriend.

But if they wish to become his wife, they better pass on his credentials of a wife material!

Daniel was already a popular supermodel before making his acting debut in 2005.Daniel Henney also appeared in a decent drama “Spring Waltz” in 2006; he also made his movie debut “Seducing Mr.Perfect” but the movie, not that quite successful; His 2nd movie “My Father” (2007) did much better though.But he grew resilient to the racial slurs and learned not to give attention.And one thing that helped him keep occupied was basketball..

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