Intimidating someone quotes

See if you can spot any quotes in this post that are familiar to you from real life situations, you’d be surprised just how many you’ll recognize…

I find it amazing how many times a day I hear colleagues and friends using famous movie quotes when chatting or usually to make a point.

Jeff ‘The dude’ Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is a single marijuana smoking bowling fanatic who bowls with his friends Walter (John Goodman) and ‘Donny’ (Steve Buscerni). We regret any inconvenience the sudden cabin movement might have caused.

There are many classic comedy quotes from the film, Here’s our favorite… This is due to periodic air pockets we encountered.

With many hysterical twists and turns A fish called wanda enjoyed great success both in Europe and Stateside.

Everyone remembers this classic from Arnold Schwarzenegger and co.

There are also some classic quotes from this one the most famous of all being…

This sci-fi action movie set in downtown Detroit centers around police office Alex Murphy better known as ‘Weller’.

Dudley Moore plays the alcoholic New York millionaire Arthur in this hysterical romantic comedy.Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci feature in this all star cast focusing on the rise and fall of the Luchese crime family, set between 1955-1980.Starring Al Pacino in his younger days playing the Cuban ‘Tony Montana’ who comes to Miami in 1980 as a refugee.There’s no reason to be alarmed and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight.By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?

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