Internet connection timed out when updating iphone

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This page is specifically about attempting to find and resolve problems with an Open VPN client program failing to connect to an Open VPN Access Server.

It does not deal with problems in reaching a target system over the established VPN tunnel once the VPN tunnel is already working.

TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity) This particular error can have multiple different causes as it is a fairly generic error message.

A possible explanation is that the client program is old and supports only TLS 1.0, but the server is expecting TLS level 1.1 or higher.

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The chances are high that your client program is an older version, like version 2.2 or older, and that it doesn’t know how to handle a modern TLS minimum level requirement, when you see messages that look like this on the server side: The solution to this particular problem is to upgrade the client software to the latest version.In case you are still getting the Error, step to next method.Many of the time outdated version of Google Play Store is found to be the reason behind the errors. If update is available then update the Play Store and see if it fixes the issue.Then at the bottom, under Sharing & Permissions, you will be able to use the yellow padlock icon to unlock the settings and to give everyone read access.Then you will be able to open the log file with a right click and selecting Open with and then choosing something like Text editor to view the contents of the log file.

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