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For example, there's no double exposure or close-up mode.

Thankfully, there's still a way to set exposure compensation.

The wheel lets you navigate the menus to turn Bluetooth on and off, control various print settings, and toggle other settings.

In front is a shutter release along with a selfie mirror, AF lamp, and the button to record audio.

You can set the effects for the three shortcut buttons and trigger the shutter for group photos, complete with a live view.

The app is leaps and bounds better than Fujifilm's existing app for Instax printers, which has always felt clunky.

The process works, but it's a cumbersome way add sound to prints.

Not having a built-in editor isn't much of a drawback given how many good photo-editing apps are available these days.Yes, the Instax Mini Li Play records audio, which at first brush sounds really cool, conjuring up visions of photos out of Harry Potter.Unfortunately, in practice it involves scanning QR codes and installing smartphone apps.Check out our guide to getting better images from your phone for some ideas.I did miss the ability to rotate an image before printing.

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