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From what I’ve read into this (which I know I shouldnt be. Negative Outcome = – This will most likely be a closure conversation.– The “hurt you statement” refers to how she didnt realize that I was interested as much as I am, and that the drawn out casual dating has had a negative impact on me.Seventy-nine year old Jim Peters hasn’t been on the dating scene since he was 20.He was married for 50 years and when his wife died five years ago he thought he’d stay single forever.And 74-year-old widow, Beverley Rilatt-Richardson, entered the dating scene in her seventies and was surprised to discover she still had ‘pulling power’.

I never explicitly told her I was hurt by her in my message.RSVPs over sixties members are on the increase and now account for 14.5 per cent of all members, up from 11.4 per cent just a year ago.With more and more single people over 60 looking for love, there’s been a rapid proliferation of dating sites popping up especially for the baby boomer market.Nothign about her language or reaction or how she is “accepting” tells me there is any interest on her part for you.You don’t “win people over” and “convince them to be in a relationship with you” over coffee or a date. Peopel date or develop relationships b/c they DEVELOP and it becomes one. That’s not how any of this is happening or developing.

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