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Passive promotion, free from aggressive, intrusive, misleading or disturbing communication is allowed. This website, at all time, intends to keep the front of the site free of hardcore content.

Therefore the user, by accessing the website understands and agrees to refrain from posting sexually explicit images in the avatar (defined as “the image the user posts as his/her main profile image”).

Such promotion shall include, without limitation to, solicitation of the authors, visitors or members of the website via electronic mail, private messaging, text message or phone.

Further, the user abstains from mass solicitation of other members.

Of course, any user may choose his/her own lawful name as a user name on this website.

However, any legal repercussions and/or breach of the user’s real life identity, caused by using his/her legal name on this site, is purely and solely the responsibility of the user; and the website is to be held harmless in such situations. The user hereby assents not to provide any content anywhere on the website that is unlawful or tends to defame, harass, abuse, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of any (third) party.

If, by any reason, any of the clauses would be declared void, all other clauses, agreed upon, will remain binding. The website maintains the right to adapt this Agreement at any time, for any provision and will give notice to the user of such an adaptation in due time. The burden of proof for any possible breaches of this Agreement or any other liabilities that could arise by the website lies with the user.

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• Use content: to view, copy, access, spread and transfer content, displayed on the website; • Provide content: to upload, provide, produce, adapt, modify, spread, discuss, transfer, post, create or copy content on the website. The user does understand and agrees that the website contains stories, information, links, images, videos and/or other content of adult and sexually explicit material and that the user enters this website for the sole purpose of viewing and providing this content. The user hereby solemnly swears, represents and confirms that he/she is eighteen (18) years of age and/or otherwise not legally incapacitated to form a binding contract under the applicable law and jurisdiction; that it is legal in his/her jurisdiction to view, publish, possess, spread, use, provide and reproduce sexually explicit material of an adult nature and that he/she is in the capacity and at the age, defined by the laws of the jurisdiction, on which the user is allowed to engage in this kind of activities.As such, upon each submission to the website the user does thereby swear and affirm, under penalty of law, that he/she is the owner and/or assignee, by way of creation, assignment or purchase, of that property being submitted. The user agrees to provide, immediately and without delay, ownership proof in the form of a (1) contract or (2) a sworn and notarized affidavit to the website upon demand in order to prove the users ownership and/or authorized use of materials being posted to the website.If the user is not the owner, then prior to posting of such images to this website, the user must obtain a written legal permission from the actual copyright owner to post any such images. The user permits the website and its affiliates, and represents and undertakes that he/she has the lawful right to permit, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, unpaid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, adapt, display, and distribute any content provided by the user. This document is an Agreement between the website (hereinafter known as "the website"), and any individual person accessing that website (hereinafter known as user).This Agreement makes up the entirety of the Agreement between the parties.

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