Home ranch style updating

The biggest complaint about America’s most popular home style is that it’s boring.Ranch homes in their most basic single story form are about as straightforward as you can get: four walls and a roof with no bells or whistles.Something that’s important to remember is that many ranch homes are sitting in a neighborhood chocked full of other ranches.

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Michael, a building contractor, purchased an easy home design software program and Abby consulted with her dad, who sells three-season greenhouses.

The American ranch style home was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie style homes, yet Wright's houses from the early 1900s still look far better than the 1970s raised ranches we find in the suburbs. Suburban tract houses built after World War II are often said to lack curb appeal because they are mass produced with cookie-cutter sameness.

"My clients are often people who have a very strongly developed aesthetic sense," says North Carolina architect William J. "They appreciate beauty, they appreciate art, and they appreciate the finer things in life." , is that elusive quality that makes a house special.

The pavilion is framed by a beautiful accent wall that looks like a giant firewood storage niche with a fireplace and a TV built into it.

This cool design is actually reiterated throughout the ranch’s new design is several other forms, serving as a visual link between the original rustic design and the new contemporary look of the property.

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