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Feel the relationship with your date If you are dating someone for the first time and would want to tell about your HIV status, do so after a few dates.In that way you have an idea how much your date means to you.Here’s a list of nine common symptoms, including those that are specific to women. Rash is a common symptom of HIV, and many different types of skin rashes are associated with the condition.They may be a symptom of HIV itself or the result of a concurrent infection or condition.Women may wonder how HIV symptoms for them differ from those seen in men.

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If this is the case with your date, discuss how you can be intimate while staying safe.You can read articles and find nearby places to meet up.You can find ladies on the map or search by location. Maybe you’re looking for a guy to fulfill that wet dream of yours.But even without noticeable symptoms, an HIV-positive person can still pass the virus on to others.That’s one of the many reasons why it’s important for people to know their HIV status.

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