Heywood wakefield dating

This has left a lot of the most classic, coveted vintage Heywood-Wakefield pieces without a label for easy identification.However, there are clues that can help determine if what you have is a genuine Heywood-Wakefield item.In 1937, Streamline Maple became Streamline Modern; maple was still used for some furniture, but by 1940, Heywood-Wakefield switched exclusively to birch.If you can identify types of wood by its color and grain pattern, this is another clue.This furniture was first known as Streamline Maple because that was the original wood used, along with birch, which is very similar.Most pieces were shown in either Amber or Bleached finish, so if a piece has either of these words stenciled on the back or underside, there’s a good chance it’s an early Heywood-Wakefield.We would like to Thank You for Stopping By Woodys' is located in the beautiful city of Orange, CA just north of the traffic circle in Old Town Orange.

If you find pieces with slotted screws, unless they’re very old and have some other tell-tale signs suggesting they’re Heywood-Wakefield, they’re probably not. You have found Maine's Largest Antique Wicker Furniture Dealer.For your largest, most varied, highest quality antique wicker furniture, come to Antique Wicker near Bar Harbor, Maine.The drawers of earlier Heywood-Wakefield case goods were separated by plywood dust barriers.These were replaced by Masonite barriers sometime in the 1960s.

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