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He played on countless sessions with the likes of Dean Martin, Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

He played on "Mac Arthur Park," Sinatra's recording of "That's Life," and even on the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds".

Playing since the mid 1950s he wrote Duane Eddy's hit "Ramrod".

He was a member of "The Wrecking Crew", Hollywood's elite session players along with other guitarists like Billy Strange, Glen Campbell, Mike Deasy, James Burton, Howard Roberts, Tommy Tedesco, and Barney Kessel to name a few.

I had been looking for one of these since before I added the original page years ago about the one Elvis used in 1968. Unfortunately someone had previously installed Humbuckers on it and cut up the pickup holes to fit them.

They weren't asking a whole lot of money for the guitar as it was so I decided to buy it and take my chances locating appropriate parts for it.

It is about 40 watts with two EL34 tubes, reverb and tremolo in a case only 14" inches tall, 19" across, and about 7" deep." Several years ago while in Nashville visiting Scotty I stopped by Gruhn Guitars downtown and saw an old Hagstrom Viking II on the rack. The guitar had been almost completely stripped of parts but the wood (neck and body) were there as was the original tuners, string guide and wiring harness with switch.

Like Al, several LA session players were known to use these in the '60s.

"Famed jazz guitarist Howard Roberts and Ron Benson designed and produced the first boutique amps in history with their Benson line of the 60s.

The 300 was 50 watts and had a 15" speaker and the 400 was 100 watts with four 12" speakers.

Howard played a 300 but it had a separate head and speaker.

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