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In the current environment, operating leases are not recognized on the balance sheet.As such, most leases, especially real estate leases, are off-balance-sheet but disclosed as commitments in the notes to the financial statements.Lease Type Determination Changes One of the key differences between the existing and new standards is in the nature of determining the lease type.

The numbers in brackets indicate the number of guidance in each category. You will also find six supporting pieces of guidance to help you decide if patient information should be disclosed in particular situations, such as when considering if a patient is fit to drive, or when a patient has a serious communicable disease.

Our guidance to help you when something goes wrong.

It covers how to be open and honest with patients and those close to them.

The financial impact can be calculated based on asset value and useful life, payment schedule in the lease and an amortization schedule.

For operating leases, determine what the balance sheet impact will be, as these may not currently be on the balance sheet.

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