Greatest online dating profile ever

He through a massive tantrum without giving her a chance to explain her lack of response. You like the look of their profile photo, you swipe right. One guy decided to take things a step further, and instead of a photo of his face, he posted a photo of his bank account.

Of course, while this is a reasonable sum of money, you may notice that this is a business account, not a personal bank account.

And depending on the size of the business, it might not be all that impressive really.

Even if this number was much higher, and even if it was a personal account, it's still a seriously trashy move.

On the other hand, some poor folks might be perfectly harmless but their online presence is so wildly misguided that they'll get through the vetting process.

No need to make it even scarier by looking like a psycho, even if it's a joke.

And it's good that he's willing to be open about his past mistakes – especially because some people really can change.

But making such an unbelievably tasteless joke like that is not the way to show the world you're a changed man.

Unless you're doing the bragging on an adult dating site where that is the norm, it just comes off as – well – creepy.

And the brag certainly isn't going to redeem a less than flattering photo (apparently taken in front of your grandmother's wallpaper).

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