Get rid of bug after updating ibook

The only question in my mind that remains is what features Apple has implemented behind proprietary toggles.

overflow: scroll in FXL epubs in i Books doesn’t work if you set it on body or html. I would have thought that attribution would be an important part of sharing a quote. Apple FXL files have no spec as afar as I know, just documentation.

It particular, he is listing what markup and CSS works and does not work in i Books 3.0. Exporting the hightlights and the notes as OPML would be an *incredibly* useful feature for writers. IMO i Books 3.0 doesn’t come close to supporting the full EPUB3 FXL specs. Also, the differences in CSS rendering between i Book 3.0’s book/full-screen views and the scrolling view are a bit worrying.

It doesn’t look like i Books supports mixing FXL and reflowable pages like the EPUB3 FXL spec allows. As in, CSS rendering in i Book’s scrolling view behaves a lot more like it would in a web browser.

Apple’s News app, which was introduced with i OS 9.0, gained a Top Stories section (at least if you are in the US, UK, or Australia).

The News app will ask you if you want to add Top Stories to your Favorites when you launch the app after updating to i OS 9.2.

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