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He sent the pictures to Playboy, they selected her as a centerfold and eventually Playmate of the Year, the couple moved to Los Angeles together where she started getting acting offers, appearing in five movies in her two short years at the top, two small appearances and three featured roles.

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In 1980, Stratten learned she would be named Playmate of the Year.From evidence it suggested that Snider tied Stratten up, sexually assaulted her, and then put the shotgun next to her face and pulled the trigger. In case you have to have more Dorothy Stratten, visit...Today marks the 30th anniversary of the murder, which was sort of a grisly combination of the crimes I've covered in this series so far.Like Dominique Dunne, Stratten was murdered by a jealous lover who, like Rebecca Schaeffer's killer, had turned into her stalker.It was a violent crime committed within intimate quarters by a family member (shades of Susan Cabot) and caused a stir in the Hollywood community almost the scale of the Helter Skelter assaults of an August weekend eleven years earlier, a crime in which the victim was also involved with a famous film director.

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