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Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Bryant, Charles Folsom Formed by the union of the United States literary gazettek (Apr. In this period must have originated the great book of consolation (xl.-lxvi.), along with the smaller pieces that relate to Ba- bylon (xiii.-xiv. So tliat Abarbanel associates tliis character of Isaiah's language with the fancied royal descent of the Prophet, saying: "the charm of his discourse and the beauty of his eloquence is like the discourse of the kings and counsellors of the land, who had a much pleasanter and purer way of speaking than the rest of the children of men" (prnph.

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11.13, 2 3 LIBRARY OF THE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY PRINCETON. TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN, AND EDITED, WITH ADDITIONS, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED, PHILIP SCHAFF, D.l)., IN CONNECTION WITH AMERICAN SCHOLARS OF VARIOUS EVA2JGEUCAL DENOMINATIONS. NEW YORK: CHARLES SCRIBXER'S SONS, THE PROPHET ISAIAH. May Lange's Bible-work long continue to be an aid and comfort to pastors and theological students for whose special benefit it was prepared. At Eltekeh, a Levitical city in the territory of Dan (Josh. This point he leaves to others whom the matter more nearly touched. From a distance one may very well observe a city, mountain and the like, in general outlines. For this reason genuine prophecy in general will never meddle with spe- i 3. All rhetorical forms of art are at his command, and he can employ all the riches of ihe language.

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