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Can you walk on hot coals and your feet not be scorned? Every day, for 91 days, I shared an original song (usually written the day before) inspired by YOUR stories.

Hosted by 2x Grammy nominee, Dove Award winning singer-songwriter Jamie Grace, The Jamie Grace Podcast is the only podcast featuring DAILY episodes on life, love, friendship and more. @jamiegraceh Ghosting is when the person that you've been talking to / dating all of a sudden becomes a ghosts. I love you oh so much and I'll SEE (talk to...) YOU IN JUNE!!! She has some incredible insight regarding Proverbs 11. Girl - you don't have have to hang out with him. However, excessive, ongoing anxiety and worry that are difficult to control and interfere with day-to-day activities may be a sign of generalized anxiety disorder. My current top 5: Shawn Robinson Laci Kaye Booth Walker Burroughs Shayy Alyssa Raghu Also, where was Christiaan?!?!?! @jamiegraceh Proverbs 8 came just at the right time for me, friends.

Since their dad left, she was unable to find much hope and Faith.

She is raising her daughter by herself and worries that she's being selfish by wanting to alone. / @jamiegraceh A brother emailed me, heartbroken seeing his sister seemingly fall apart.

They had a music video for a song called “I Drive Myself Crazy” and they’re all in straight jackets. @jamiegraceh / instagram She told him she likes him. But I'm feeling overlooked." I could relate to this message all too well.

The straight jacket was NOT an accident and I’m totally convinced it was a big clue!! But there comes a point where you don't want to feel like your singlehood is a disease or a curse. And while you don't know how long the season will last, all you want to do is enjoy it! When it comes to dating and friendships, today's question comes from a girl who feels like everyone is expecting something from her that's too difficult to curate or maintain. k bye @jamiegraceh I've had some of the most uncomfortable experiences in the doctor's offices.

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