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All it could take is one righteously conservative bank to trigger Apple's reflexive prudishness.Back in 2012, Pay Pal went on a purge of writers and editors of erotica in a ban on "obscene" content: Companies included Book Strand, All Romance Ebooks, Excessica and Smashwords.The "why" lies in the fact that while Apple Card states it cannot see your purchases, which we believe, that doesn't hold true when it comes to everyone else involved in your transactions.

Fowler explains that while Apple got Goldman Sachs to agree not to share your data with marketers (which is great), "the Apple Card, which runs on the Mastercard network, doesn't introduce much new technology to protect you from a lot of other hands grabbing at the till."So that's one thing to keep in mind.Burning with curiosity, I kept my arms at my sides.While teasing Apple for making another product too pretty for the real world is deserved, it says a lot that one of the friends I respect the most in cybersecurity was first in line to apply for the card.It seemed to glow faintly, but I knew that was just my poor eyesight. I watched how my friend handled the white titanium, laser-etched card. I wanted to hold it badly, but only because I'd read it was as scratchable as your favorite album and as porous as Silly Putty.Would my approaching touch of zero net worth trigger an alarm?

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