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For travelers flying into another airport, you will have to obtain your VOA at that airport upon arrival.People who travel to see Asia cannot stay away from Thailand.Travelers must have their passport with at least 1 month validity from the date of arrival in order to apply for the Visa on Arrival (VOA) and have at least one blank page for the visa stamp.For Indian passports: Validity must be at least 6 months This pre-registration service is only available for travelers entering via Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport, Phuket Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiangrai Airport, Hua Hin Airport, Samui International Airport, Sukhothai Airport, Surat Thani International Airport and U-Tapao International Airport.You must realize that tourism is a big part of Thailand’s economy, with millions of people going there every single year. A piece of truth that many people do not want to hear is the fact that most popular locations in Thailand are often the worst to be in.Of course, it depends on what you are looking for in Thailand.The following is a list of countries eligible for the Visa on Arrival pre-registration service: Australia, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan Liechtenstein, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan or Vanuatu. This fee must be paid in cash (in Thai currency) when you arrive in Thailand.Travelers arriving before October 31st, 2019 will be exempt of this fee.

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That may not be entirely true, but if you do find yourself in Bangkok, you will have the feeling that the party never stops.

It is a frequent destination where you can have a lot of fun.

You must know some stories about Bangkok, don’t you?

Lastly, you should never feed the monkeys you will find on beaches. The problem with feeding the monkeys is that they become dependent on people to feed them, and they will do poorly in the wild after. It people’s fault for encouraging that kind of behavior thinking that they are cute little robbers.

Plus, they can do some damage by stealing purses, bags, and even clothes. Leaving animals aside, you should probably know that Thai food in is a whole lot different than in the western countries.

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