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If you want to do something cool for me, just hang with me and tip if you can when I am on cam, or get my photo sets.

You can also follow my ghost room for impromptu secret shows. but I am thinking of making a secret instagram account...

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(b) If the highest single tip is of: [0-999] = prize collapses into 0 [1000-5000] = prize collapses into x 5 [10,001-33,000] = prize collapses into 2 states (winner's choice within conditions) [33,001-99,000] = winner can trade his prizes for a fansign (it would be the only fansign I have ever made) [100,000 ] = prize collapses into all states Highest Tip of August so far: [Orfie, 10,000 tokens]Thank you!

His close friend Lloyd Wilkinson, with whom he once recorded a single, paid his respects on Facebook: 'I can not believe I'm doing this and I'm completely devastated.

He was such a genuinely sweet and funny guy, we had some awesome times.

Pedophilia is apparently okay if you're famous these days.

Shortly after she turned 12 Miki, who has 500,000 followers on the site, wrote on the pop star's page: 'Wait until I'm old enough to marry you, and then I'm going to say "I do".' [IMG] ...

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