Free chat no memberships

There are some websites out there that will try to scam you.

Never give out your password to anyone if they offer to give you a membership or make you a member for free.

Most Animal Jam players are familiar with the daily spin where you can win gems every day you log in.

Well the member daily spin is just like that except the prizes are diamonds and rare gifts!

Animal Jam is one of the most popular online games for kids and best of all, it’s free to play.

This is the safest option and will prevent you from getting ripped off by someone online.Don’t get me wrong, Animal Jam is still very fun to play as a non-member!However being a member unlocks everything that Jamaa has to offer.For example, non-members have a limited number of animals they can keep in their inventory.They’re also unable to purchase certain items and animals that are only for members.

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