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“I only swipe right for DJs, club owners and bartenders,” she said. The perks, she explains, from getting a free pass to a show, free entry at clubs, to free drinks at the bar.“Sometimes they know also that I’m sort of using them but nothing bad has ever happened actually,” she reveals. If I wanted a boyfriend, I’d go out and meet people in real life, not through a phone screen,” Marianne states.Because let’s be real: There are days you just want to scream “give me all your love and attention.” But that isn’t allowed.Anxiety and self-doubt whisper in your ear, prohibiting you from uttering a single word in fear of seeming too needy.“I started Tinder as a social experiment” is what a lot of people tell you when they download the app.And like everyone, social media manager Darren got on the Tinder bandwagon to meet people and potential dates with similar music tastes.

He’d look forward to waking up the next day with a list of matches and deliberate a little before initiating conversation, mostly asking about their music tastes.

He did it for about a week before he felt that the routine was beginning to bite hard.

“Most of the time I start out asking them what they’re listening to, or an album they like and their replies — usually one liners — make it difficult to continue the conversation.

And when your wonderful other half asks if you will be alright tonight without them, you nod and smile, too afraid to ask them to stay with you.

Even if you are desperate for their tight embrace, telling you everything will be alright, and that they are there for you.

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