Excel formula not updating

When I change the input of a formula, the output is not automatically updated. How do I get Excel to update formulas automatically again?If it is, this sounds like one of the most annoying viruses in the world!

I helped write the article over at Randomwok.com, which has a great “worded” syntax to help you remember it: =INDEX ( , Enter “0” )) If you’ve written it correctly, the logic should feel somewhat backwards, as you input your return column first, then your lookup column afterwards.To do this on a grand scale, I do a Find "=" & Replace with "=" for the whole workbook. The following article provides the most likely causes of your problems with using INDEX MATCH.If you input INDEX MATCH without the “0” in the MATCH formula, to indicate that you want an exact match, Excel will assume that you want to input a “1” instead of a “0”, and will return a result for you.With the value “1” in the MATCH syntax, you’re telling Excel that you want Excel to find the largest value less than or equal to your lookup value.

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