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But as the global recession grips, it becomes harder for people to continue sending money back to care for the older generation.

Even if people work locally, it is now common practice in an increasing number of countries – including India and China – for both men and women to work and the situation is exacerbated by a work culture of long hours, leaving little or no time to take care of parents.

China’s industry is heavily dependent on migrant workers who travel thousands of miles, leaving their elderly parents behind.

Earlier this year, the Chinese authorities brought in a law in an attempt to force people to visit their elderly parents but with so many people living so far away from their home villages it is difficult to see how the law could be enforced.

Here’s Age International: Hunt’s vision of China is out of date – and potentially damaging.

China is currently facing significant challenges regarding its older population.

After a BBC survey found that many elderly people in Britain felt lonely, the health secretary, whose wife in Chinese, branded the findings a source of “national shame” and said we should learn from Asian cultures where there was “reverence and respect for older people” and “residential care is a last rather than a first option”.

Now you don’t have to think for too long about the Chinese economy to realise that this is almost certainly baloney.

Consider this brief extract from an article in the Jakarta Post: Is this the Asian example Hunt wants us to emulate?

(In the space of just over a year, it seems, the British have gone from being the worst idlers in the world, to being hardworking, to being second-raters.) The Chancellor’s China-worship was well and truly trashed by Will Hutton yesterday so I’ll leave it for now.

Jeremy Hunt was on a similar theme when he said that the British should follow the example of the Chinese and look after their elderly relatives in their homes.

(So much for the BBC’s anti-government bias.) I decided to track the figures down and discovered a study by Keming Yang and Christina Victor entitled .

It found that the percentage of elderly people reporting feelings of loneliness varied widely throughout Europe. As you can see, northern Europe, including the UK, comes out pretty well.

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