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Almonds are an increasingly popular ingredient in the confectionary, home baking and snack industries. dropped because Estonian fish processing industry was hit by the Russian export ban.

The United States’ leading competitor on the Estonian market is Germany, which coordinates shipments from Spain but also from the U. Lithuania is another transshipping point for nuts from those two sources. wood-based products are exported from Estonia mainly to the Scandinavian countries. In the first four months of 2018 imports from the U. increased by four percent in comparison to the same period of 2017, because of higher imports of Alaska Pollock.

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Some commodities such as beef, poultry, corn, rice, and processed products derived from those ingredients face significant barriers. More detailed information on the current customs tariffs applicable in the EU.

Other best prospects are based on trade information and products presently on the market.

Tree nuts sourced from the United States consist primarily of almonds.

According to Global Trade Atlas Estonia is a net exporter of food products.

Trade balance with the United States is also positive for Estonia. exports, which have good market potential, include fish (roe and surimi), nuts (shelled almonds and pecans), baking ingredients such as dried vegetable ingredients (garlic and onions), dried fruit (cranberries, blueberries, or prunes), fruit (grapefruit or table grapes), wines, and distilled spirits. imports Estonian forest products, cheeses, frozen fish and fish preparations, as well as starch, glues, and cotton articles.

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