Entourage stuck and updating message list

Navigate to folder and select "Properties" from the contextual menu. Make Sure You Have the Correct Sent Folder Mappings Sending a Large Message If you are sending a large message, it's possible that the message is just taking a long time to send.

In that case, ignore the notification and allow the send action to finish.

For example, a 10 MB file might be 14 MB once attached in Entourage.

This is to do with the way Entourage re-encodes attachments before being sent.

Entourage seems to have a unique issue with sending large attachments.

This issue applies to Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Entourage Web Services Edition.

Also choose to merge all Entourage files into one PST with Create Single PST option.

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When you send a message, Postbox sends it in the background by placing it in the Unsent/Outbox folder before sending it out.

After Dragging the mailbox folder to the Desktop, MBOX File is created .

Now browse this file within the Entourage to PST Converter Tool Select Entourage File(s) or Folder option to select multiple Entourage Database Files at once. Note: You can check Add Folder(s) Mode option to add multiple Entourage data files located in a folder.

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