Email on iphone 4s not updating

It asked me for my email address and password, and it works fine! Then go into create an aol account through the i Phone mail app and use the copied password. I get the warning, "This account may not be able to send or receive emails. " But I can still click on "Save."This gives me the AOL icon back into my "Accounts & Passwords" section of the settings. AOL is looking for another way to verify your account. As I said, that should onlt affect issues with outgoing mail, but anytime I have had issues with my 4 email accounts, it was because something had gone awry in that setting. I just retried it again, and when I enter all the email information, including the correct password (verified on my PC, on Safari's browser on my phone, as well as the actual AOL app available in the app store) I get the following message: What is odd is I can sort of force my i Phone to accept it anyway by hitting "next" again.

email on iphone 4s not updating-20

I suspect that the downloadable AOL app in the i Tunes Store is simply a lot slower with file sending than using the native "Mail" app that comes stock with the phone. When I go into "Advanced" or into "Other Server" and click on "com" which is "on"when I click on "Authentication" there is a check mark next to "Password" which would seem to indicate that the password was verified as correct.I tried this both by turning the Primary Server On and then turning it off, and using only the "Other SMPT Servers" which in this case is just a duplicate of the Primary anyway.However, either way, I still have no mail in any mailbox, and I have no ability to send messages from the "Mail" app on my homescreen. I have been using AOL for over 20 years and have had the same email address.I have others, but this is my main email, so changing it as my main email would be cumbersome.

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