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If you have been with your partner for far too long, or if you lack the sexual experience that it takes to be able to make various comparisons between lovers, here are the top 9 signs that you are having bad sex. The first indication that you are having mediocre or downright bad sex is when you catch yourself thinking about something else while getting pleasured.

Random thoughts can range from anything such as making a mental grocery list, analyzing the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or just thinking about the leftover chocolate pudding in the fridge.

Besides thinking of something else, you are probably having bad sex if you think of someone else while sexing it up with your partner.

If you need to fantasize about someone else just to turn yourself on, the sizzle and fizzle have probably long deserted your current relationship and along with them, sexual passion as well.

Im a writer, traveler, many stories to tell, confident, capable, loyal out going and fun..

Also, a manic depressive,bi polar, non verbal socially awkward reject with mammy issues lol :) NOT!!

Some women do it so often that their partners simply assume that they are doing a great job pleasuring them even with minimal effort being put into the deed!

] They simply get so used to going through the motions of sex that they lose touch with what made it spicy, sexy and exciting in the first place.

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Keep in mind that if the sex really was as good as you tell yourself, you would never want it to end and even if it did, you would want to do it again.

Anything less than that can be categorized as mediocre or bad sex.

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