Edward norton and evan rachel wood dating

Career: In 1998, Wood starred in low-budget movie 'Digging To China' with Kevin Bacon.

She attended public school Cary Elementary in North Carolina before getting home-schooled, and she received her diploma when she was 15.However, it seems even the newest of programmes has still not pulled itself into the 21st Century with one of the show’s main female protagonists, Evan Rachel Wood revealing she was not paid the same as her male co-stars.Evan Rachel Wood has not been paid the same as her male co-stars in Westworld The actress, who plays Dolores in the hit show, will be paid as the same as the male protagonists beginning from the third series.The 29 year old American actress admitted in a new talk with Rolling Stone magazine that she was raped once by a former boyfriend, and then again by the owner of a bar.She opened up about her ordeal in a line of questioning about Donald Trump’s recent presidential victory.

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