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Or is it really that busy during this type of month?

I don't know about the seasonal busy time, but it sounds like the parcel left Japan.

So it will take a few more while than usual." I've contacted Canada Post, to ask if they have received the parcel and told me they haven't received it yet.

With that being said, is it possible it may have been lost/stolen?

It is important that your supplier does note the shipping details clearly in a confirmation email.

Once Update Duck is set up and linked to your email (Gmail), Ebay and paypal account (for monthly payment), it should all work automatically and you can litirally sit back and relax while we scan your mailbox for incoming tracking notifications.

We extract the details, and connect to e Bay to see if we can find a matching order.

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You would want order handling to be as easy as possible and without nagging repetative tasks that are easy to avoid.

Once we find one, we will try to match it to e Bay, and we will update the tracking number once we find a matching order.

If we can not match the order, we'll send you a quick email to look into it yourself.

It sometimes happens that the recipient's country's postal service forgets to scan it, or that going by the rules of the recipient country tracking is not available for the type of parcel, thus no update. I have had a few parcels that kept me worried but arrived safe, the recipient writing me to tell me even before the update said "delivered." Depends on the type of mail it was sent as. As Japan post dont do standard mail as a product description.

But it is probably registered SAL which fails to update in many countries. I've sent things to my daughter in Canada, and there have been delays with delivery.

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