Does my computer keeps updating

If your computer is very old, we suggest retiring it, purchasing a new computer or just realize it is going to run slow even if slightly improved.

Computers crash for a number of reasons -- anything from simple software incompatibilities to hardware issues -- and computers running Windows 10 are no different.

If the windows user account was limited and when it attempts to install, you will be prompted to log in as an admin then.

The update process is a low priority thing so it gets pushed to the side until things get less hectic.

The reason why it takes too long is because every other program that is supposed to start on boot is starting up at the same time, using resources.

While Windows 10's Blue Screen of Death (BSo D) is considerably less terrifying than the BSo D in previous versions of Windows, it's still a frustrating sight.

There's no easy way to fix all computer crashes, but here are a few of your options if you're having PC troubles in Windows 10.

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