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The following links below are strictly for 18 only. ty=h BLOGS FOR DEVELOPMENT UPDATES: VIPERV FB PAGE: https:// Hope you like this demo! Anyone can max the leveling of Siggy's abilities in the tutorial.It's still a lot of fun to play but I just feel like your stepping further away from adult gaming with the content you've made available.Recently this thought came back to me, but in a different way.In the country of India there is a different form of abortion going on. What this means is that men are the preferred gender and if a lady has a baby and the male finds out that it is female they, either abort it, neglect it, or murder it after it is born. because of the expensive dowery they have to pay when they are married.We want young people to see that God has a plan for marriage and it doesn't include dating. They are not seen as precious souls, but rather a mistake, "to be easily fixed."This has often left me thinking, "how many babies could of been saved if these people would have been informed." If these men and women would have seen what their baby looked like, would they have still aborted their child?If they knew that it had hands and feet and eyes and a brain...would things of changed?These dynamite explosions were used to mine the cement that launched the Industrial Revolution.Rosendale was the “Womb of America.” This was such a powerful synchronicity that I wrote it right into the book after it happened, in what is currently Chapter Six, Page 127.

IT’S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards.How many of these abortions could be stopped if this country would turn to Christ.If they would let the gospel of Jesus and His Salvation impact and change them.You feel most powerful when you expressing your unique truth.You know there is more to life than this three-dimensional world.

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