Diablo 3 updating setup files error no credentials cache file found while validating credentials

it had three "Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Fault address: 00320AAC 000000 *unknown*" "error reports" I guess ill call them. ERR file Unfortunately, if there is any executable code at either of the fault addresses this text file lists, I can only find essentially blank lines in memory.

A pity, because if I could have seen exactly what Diablo is trying to do at that point in its code, it might have given us a big hint what's going wrong.

Try just the D3DX9 first with no in the folder, then try with both.

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Direct Draw wrappers generally utilize newer versions of Direct X than the old games they're made for, and I believe all of the Diablo wrappers use this particular file. Furthermore, in some cases old programs such as Diablo can be denied access to the system32 folder entirely, preventing them from using the required file even if its there where it should be. i copied it into the diablo directory with no avail.none of the hotkeys worked, and the power button was unresponsive had to let the battery die...in the registry editor, under directdraw, i saw listed, so i guess it knows it needs directdraw, maybe deleting all the directdraw files and starting that from scratch might help?i got the dll fikes and copied them into diablo's root directory.I also replaced the d3dx9_43 or whatever its called in the system32 directory, just in case it got messed up.

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