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NET, the world's leading web development tool from Microsoft.The following example demonstrates a possible approach for handling conflict detection errors.Hi, I've spent at least 6 hours trying to figure out why I can not access the selected value of the drop downlist in my Details View to update the SQL compact datasource. " "14- D;k iz Lrqr okn /kkjk 92 flfoy izfdz;k lafgrk ds izkfo/kkuksa ls ckf/kr g S\ " "14." "20- D;k iz Lrqr okn foc U/ku ds fl)k Ur ls ckf/kr g S\ " "20.The interim Committee consisted of 12 persons whereof Swami Swaroopanand was President and Pandit Bal Krishna Misra was Secretary.This feature is not supported when the Grid View or Details View contains templated fields.In the first window, change a row value and click Update, and note that the update succeeds.

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Another meeting of Committee was held on , after publication of 'Will', and according to that Sri Ram Ji Tripathi (Swami Shantanand Saraswati) was to be installed as Peethadhishwar of Jyotirmath/Jyotishpeeth.

You can also specify multiple comma-separated field values for the Data Key Names property, for example if you need more than one value to be passed to the details data source in a master-details scenario.

Ole Db, which does not have support for named parameters so the order in which parameters are appended to the command must match the order of anonymous parameter placeholders '?

You can change the names and values of Object Data Source parameters in events, similar to the Sql Data Source example above.

Free of these burdensome tasks, you can instead focus on your specific application.

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