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It was referred to in the works of Rudyard Kipling as the "yellow pariah dog".

Despite the Indian pariah dog being highly intelligent and easily trainable, the breed was intentionally downplayed during the British Raj by merchants who wished to sell their foreign breeds within the country.

Kelleher-Andrews; her mother, Jill Kelleher, who founded the company in 1986; or Sunya Andrews, 36, one of Ms.

Kelleher-Andrews’s seven nieces, who’s been with the company for more than eight years.

Asked about the paradox of freshly minted tech millionaires relying on old-fashioned methodology to find a partner, Jill Kelleher expressed some regret about her career path.

During my two plus decades living in the United States, I have seen many changes occur in my native India.

Most of the employees are the ones looking in those photo books.”Of course, Kelleher International isn’t the only matchmaking service seeing dollar signs in Silicon Valley.

Indian pariah are an example of the pariah-type dogs, an ancient group of dogs that evolved through natural selection.

They have erect ears, a wedge-shaped head, and a curved tail.

Regardless of whether he passed muster, John added, he was just happy to be mingling among such an elite group.“I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight, but bare minimum, it’s a very eclectic mix of amazing people,” he said. ”greeting a steady stream of sports-coat-and-jeans-clad male admirers, said that though she is single, she was on hand only as a pal of Ms. Of those, she said, about 700 are women, roughly 10 of whom are accepted as clients.

A fee of ,000 buys a year’s worth of unlimited matches in one city. Kelleher-Andrews provides contact information and then conducts a detailed postdate follow-up with both parties.

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