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Looking back, it was inevitable that addiction would come for Joe Dempsie.

Here, after all, was an actor who made his name as Chris in the epocal teen drama Skins, playing the hedonist’s hedonist, the party boy who made other party boys quiver and reach for the yoga mat and herbal tea.

Sartorially, his tastes proved prescient: in recent years, football shirts have been elevated into legitimate street style.

Ideally you'd want Tyrion sat opposite Jean-Claude Juncker, although Lyanna Mormont would be fun.) His life was forever changed.

Surrendering to the urges that had gripped him since adolescence, and entering a spiral of wanton self-gratification from which he has still not emerged.

Frequent the right shop or website and you might even spot him, searching for the next buzz – be it Nottingham Forest’s home kit of 1958/59; or perhaps England’s 1990 third strip (immortalised in the ‘World in Motion’ video); or even – be still, trembling hands – Barcelona’s 1995/96 turquoise away number with the original Ronaldo on the back!

“It sounds like an exaggeration, but the next day you couldn’t walk down the street without people saying something or stopping you.

For three years after that, life was pretty intense.

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