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When Josiah Duggar was courting Lauren Swanson in 2018, the couple were spotted getting cozy on a family trip to New Zealand, and they were apparently allowed one-on-one Facetime conversations.Clearly, John David also felt he and Abbie could be a bit more flexible than some of his siblings.But John David and Abbie Duggar, who got married in November 2018, are apparently a bit rebellious.It turns out they didn’t follow some of the usual courtship traditions when they were engaged. Instead, they practice “courtship.” The goal of courtship is to decide if the other person would make a suitable husband or wife.Dating is a little bit different if you’re a Duggar.

“At the beginning of our relationship, John and I sat down and kind of made a list of guidelines for ourselves to keep in relation to how much we touch,” Abbie said, adding that the rules were about “honoring God.” Some have wondered if the Duggar courting rules are a little more relaxed for guys than they are for girls.

If I ever see him naked I will immediately tattoo a [aubergine emoji] on my face for clarity." Following up her comment, she added: "Until that appears, everyone can relax and know we are friends, as we have been for the last 2000 years.

Ps The size of the tattoo is unlikely to be actual size.

The first kiss happens at the altar on their wedding day.

While the rules might seem rigid, Jim Bob and Michelle do give their kids a certain amount of freedom, they told Today in 2014, with each couple required to set their own boundaries regarding physical contact.

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