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He eventually assembled a team made up largely of "younger, inexperienced people", many of whom he discovered on the Internet.In an interview with Rolling Stone , Ward revealed that he had stepped down from this role sometime during the fifth season.Eventually, he leaves for Ooo in good terms with her, hugging her, and even shedding a tear implying that Finn cleary loves his mother very much, Jermaine Jermaine is Finn's adoptive brother, as he is the biological child of Joshua and Margaret , as well as the half-brother of Jake.Unlike Jake, Finn does not seem to have a very close relationship with Jermaine.Until late , Ward continued to work on the cartoon as a storyboard artist and storyline writer.In terms of tone and genre, Ward—a self-professed fan of ambivalent emotions , such as feeling "happy and scared at the same time"—has described the show as a "dark comedy". Club , Ward said the show's writing process usually began with the writers telling each other what they had done the previous week to find something humorous to build on.Dan "Ghostshrimp" Bandit , a freelance illustrator who had also written and storyboarded on Flapjack, was hired as the show's lead background designer; Ward told him to create background art that set the show "in a 'Ghostshrimp World'".The lead production crew for the show which included Ward and Mc Hale were initially hesitant to bring him on board, but they were soon convinced by director Larry Leichliter , who assured them that Rynda was talented and could draw in a variety of styles.

Following Ward's resignation from the post, Adam Muto became the series' new showrunner.Minerva Finn hugging his mom virtually Martin has mentioned Finn's mother briefly in " The Visitor ," saying that talking about her stresses him out, and saying he might discuss her with Finn later although he never does.Finn manages to finally meet her in the second miniseries, " Islands ".Martin chose it instead and said goodbye to Finn, and they ended on okay terms.Finn no longer despises Martin, but doesn't particularly like him either.

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