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Several firms submitted bids and, after some negotiation, Winchester was selected.It is likely that the company’s past experience as a supplier of small arms to the U. military played some role in the company’s selection.While superficially appearing to be cooperative, there was a surprising amount of friction, if not outright hostility, between the Winchester and Springfield Armory teams.Some internal Winchester documents had rather unkind things to say about the Springfield people.The M1 rifles manufactured by Springfield and Winchester during this period were very similar.Many of the components, such as the receiver, operating rod, bolt, hammer and safety, were stamped with the initials of the manufacturer (“sa” or “wra”) and a drawing number that identified the specific part.After the rifle was introduced in service, this gas system proved to have some faults.

Production commenced in February 1941, and these rifles began to be shipped from the factory in April 1941.If, after completion of the initial Educational Order, the company—or the government—was not satisfied, Winchester could bow out of any subsequent orders and other potential manufacturers would be sought for the rifles.Winchester designated the Garand rifle as the Model 39 in internal company documents and records.The semi-automatic M1 Garand rifle was adopted in 1936 but, initially, production proceeded at a rather slow pace at the government-owned and -operated Springfield Armory. Even with this increased output, however, a secondary source of Garand rifle production was needed.To this end, a number of commercial arms manufacturers were approached regarding the possibility of producing M1s under government contract.

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