Dating washburn acoustic guitars

While much of the good sound can be attributed to Washburn’s manufacturing process, they also use some great material with the Washburn WD10S.

For starters, the solid Sitka Spruce top is a huge plus.

In most Washburn guitars, the first two digits of the serial number indicate the year of manufacture.

Washburn has utilized a variety of serial number formats throughout its history.

Can anyone here recommend any resources or reading materials for accurately determining the age and approximate value of older, pre war Washburn acoustic guitars?

The guitar in question, in this case, is a parlor sized Washburn model A 5991.

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Guitars with serial numbers containing five or less characters were likely manufactured in the 1980s, and serial numbers with four characters indicate that a guitar was manufactured in the 1970s or early 1980s.

For the most part, I would describe the Washburn WD10S as a no-frills, professional-looking guitar.

The dreadnaught body is standard as are the pearl dot inlays.

Hopefully, some of you guys are familiar with these guitars. I apologize for any typos or weird phrasing; I'm typing this on my phone.

Washburn Prewar Instrument Styles by Pleijsier Hubert is a good source book for Washburn guitar information.

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